Buying a house can be tricky. You have to consider its location, facilities and price, among other things. Another important consideration?  Whether it’s haunted or not.

5566 member Zax Wang and his wife, Ji Qin, consider themselves to be property gurus, and have lived in multiple homes in Taiwan after welcoming their first child, a daughter, in 2006.

Ji Qin was a guest on a recent episode of popular talk show Queen, where she imparted tips that first-time property buyers should consider before investing in a new place. One of it was that listening to children is important as they might be able to see 'things' that adults cannot.

She recalled a mansion that the family used to rent, and that her daughter Le Le, would refuse to do her homework on the second floor. The parents didn’t think much of it as their kid didn’t mention anything out of the ordinary.

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