Taiwanese boyband 5566 held their first concert since their official disbandment in 2008 at the Taipei Arena over the weekend.

Tickets to the concert, titled Since 5566 Taipei Arena Concert, were reportedly sold out in seconds. The show opened with a literal bang, with pyrotechnics and special effects heralding the arrival of the three members, Tony Sun, Zax Wang and Jason Hsu.

The trio entertained fans with classics like ‘Legend’, ‘Feng Yun Bian Se’, and more. A highlight of the show was a surprise appearance by former member Rio Peng, who joined the others for renditions of 'Wu Suo Wei' and 'I'm Sad'.

However, there was a small mishap in the middle of a performance when Zax, in an attempt to get closer to the fans, missed a step and almost fell off the stage. Luckily, he managed to regain his footing, and the concert continued on without a hitch.

5566 originally comprised of five members, with the fifth member, Rio, leaving the group in 2003 after sustaining a serious injury. Member Sam Wang is said to be on bad terms with the rest of the group.

Photos: TPG

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