51-Year-Old Aaron Kwok Is Marrying His 29-Year-Old Girlfriend

And she might be two months pregnant too.

Say goodbye to Asian showbiz’s longest-standing bachelor. It’s been reported that 51-year-old Aaron Kwok secretly applied for a Notice of Intended Marriage in Hongkong on March 4 with his Shanghainese model-girlfriend, Moka Fang. 

According to Apple Daily, Moka had written ‘fashion designer’ as her occupation on the Notice and the couple had registered their address to a condo on Tai Hang Road in Hongkong’s Happy Valley. Apple Daily also revealed that Moka has been lying about her age. Her birth date on the Notice is stated as July 6, 1987, which makes her 29. The model has been claiming she’s 28.

marriage notice
Spinster? Um... (Photo: Apple Daily)

An Apple Daily reporter also texted Aaron to congratulate him on the good news, to which Heavenly King replied: “Thank you, I’m working now. Will reply later.” Rumours are now rife that Moka is two months pregnant. No thanks to the model’s very coy Weibo post last month. She had written on her microblog that “there’s a little change in her” but Aaron quickly clarified that Moka was just happy about losing weight.

But signs that couple are headed for marriage-ville have been around for a while. When Aaron was asked recently about when he’s getting married, he said: “Marriage is another page in a person’s life. As for when it will happen, let me not talk about for now. I am 51 years old now, so I hope I will get everyone’s blessings.” 

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