5 Things We Learnt From Seeing Kim Myung Soo (Aka INFINITE’s L) In The Flesh

Would the actor-singer give up friendship for love?

Hailing from a band that's known as the Kings of Fan Service, Inifnite's L, aka Kim Myung Soo, sure lives up to the band’s rep - even sans his six bandmates. 

The 25-year-old singer-actor more than held his own at an open press con at West Coast Plaza yesterday (Sep 22), ahead of his first solo fan meet. He's so professional, he doesn't even let illness get him down. In between episodes of coughing and sniffling, he still managed to work the crowd, and make eye contact and wave to individual fans and reporters like he was greeting an old friend he hadn't seen in ages.

“Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling well before coming here. But once I reached here and saw you guys, I became more energetic and I think I’m well again,” he declared to screaming fans. “I didn’t expect so many people to be here today. (In English) I love you," Who needs meds when you have adoring fans?

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#1: He’s a photography buff.
“I always carry my camera along with me to take a lot of pictures. So if I get the chance, I’d want to release a new photo essay book that’s different from my previous ones.” On where in our Lion City he’d go to snap some shots, he quipped: “Singapore’s famous for its night skyline. So I’d want to visit places like the Merlion Park and Marina Bay Sands [at night].”

#2: He wears many hats.
He's always gone by his stage name, L, but in his latest period drama role as commoner-turned-king in Emperor: Owner of the Mask, he opted for a name change.  "I wanted to differentiate my acting and singing careers. As L, I’ll be expressing myself through singing and dancing on stage. And as Kim Myung Soo, which is my birth name, I’ll be showing fans different aspects of myself, like acting." he said.

As for what different satisfaction he derives from both singing and acting, he mused: "As a singer, I get to interact with my fans on stage and receive a lot of energy from them. As an actor, fans can see me play different roles that are not myself. So I hope to continue being both a singer and actor.”

#3: He doesn't believe in bros before ho's, or vice versa.
His character in Emperor may have sacrificed all, including brotherhood, for love. But don’t expect the Myung Soo to do the same. “Both friendship and love are important to me,” he said. “I’m quite greedy. I don’t want to give up either.”

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#4: He’s all about the YOLO.
“The motto that always drives me [to succeed] is ‘carpe diem’ which means to ‘seize the day’. Whenever I’m going through a very difficult situation, I always think positively so it will help me overcome those challenges. If I were to think negatively, in whatever I do, the outcome may turn out to be bad.”

#5: He sees himself on the same path five years from now.
“At 25, I’m doing my best to express myself. Maybe five years from now, I’ll be more mature and manlier. But I’d still continue singing, acting and pursuing photography. When I’m 30, I hope you’ll ask me this same question again [to see if my prediction comes true].”

Catch Kim Myung Soo at his fan meet tonight, 7.30pm, at Resorts World Theatre. 

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