DIRECT FROM NAGOYA: Remember last year's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which was split into three shows across three cities?

This year, fans were treated to a triple shot of star power when some of the biggest names in K-pop gathered at the Nagoya Dome for the annual ceremony on December 4. 

Among the star-studded lineup were BTS, TWICE, Seventeen, MAMAMOO and MONSTA X, and international stars such as English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa, Taiwanee actor Chang Chen and Japanese actor Sakaguchi Kentaro were also cheered on by fans as they took onto the red carpet.

One of the highlights of the red carpet was when the BTS members whipped out a huge birthday cake hat and bestowed it on their hyung (oldest member), Jin, who turned 27 that day. The septet was also awarded the Best Music Video Award for their song, 'Boy With Luv', which was one of the nine trophies they would end up bringing home that night.

While we would have loved to hear and see more of the artistes on the red carpet, which was held in what we think was a huge parking lot just two hours before the main show, most of our time was spent huddling in the cold as sporadic showers passed by. We could also hear squeals of 'It's so cold!' coming from the backstage area as gusts of wind gave major goosebumps to us all wrapped up in our winter coats - in comparison, everyone on the red carpet was dressed to impress, but not necessarily ready for the frigid single-digit temperatures. We could've sworn we saw the shadow of a TXT member hop up and down trying to keep warm during a commercial break, too.

Once the cameras rolled, however, everyone put their game faces on and posed for the media and did short interviews with the emcees. When that ended, we could almost feel their excitement as they scurried back into the warmth of their vehicles as they were quickly chaperoned back into the safety of the indoor stadium where the main awards show was held.

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