Yao Wenlong has a new role to play these days: The ever supportive father of a budding child model. 

On Instagram yesterday (Oct 21), Wenlong revealed that his five-year-old daughter Luohui has joined a modelling competition in Malaysia (where he and his family are currently living), urging his followers to vote for her. 

“I would like to trouble everyone to help vote for 038 Yow Ming En,” he wrote on Instagram, along with instructions on how to vote. In case you're wondering why his daughter has two names, well, Ming En is the girl's birth name, but he calls her Luohui for “religious purposes”.

 Speaking to 8days.sg via WhatsApp, the 50-year-old, who also has a 14-year-old son named Jianyu, explained that this is the first time his daughter is in a beauty pageant. 

“The reason we let her join the contest is because she loves to perform!” Wenlong tells us. “She likes to dance and sing at home and in school. Sometimes, we would record her and she’d QC it. If she’s not happy with her performance, she would ask us to delete and record again.” 

Wenlong and his wife, Jenny Tsai, 38, decided to enter Luohui into the competition after his friend, who was the organiser, encouraged them to do so “for the fun of it”.