Xiaxue Reveals Her Phone Photo-Editing Secrets

You're just a few taps away from perfection.

We shot the pink-haired blogger/reality star/actress/social media personality, and in an unprecedented move, got her to Photoshop her own pictures. See all the before and after Photoshop pix here, and read why she loves to digitally alter herself and what she thinks of social media and influencers (she hates them).

And while we were at it, we asked her to give a quickie tutorial on how to edit yourself to perfection — on your phone. She tells us gleefully, “You don’t need to diet. All that exercise for nothing, you should have just done this!" So go ahead, watch this, then zap zap zap away to reveal a more perfect version of yourself. You're welcome. 

Camera: Celine Tan
Editing: Christopher Khong


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