The 12 contestants who have made it to the Star Search 2019 grand finals have been revealed. Joining Juin Teh, Vanessa Ho, Zane Lim, Chang Hio Cheng, Jernelle Oh, and Herman Keh from the first semis are Tyler Ten, Teoh Zetong, Kiki Lim, Ye Jiayun, Sheryl Ang and Zhai Si Ming.

And when met the contestants after the second semis on Sunday (Oct 13), there were tears of joy and also sadness as the journeys of six more Star Search 2019 hopefuls came to an end. 

“We knew from the start that we’d feel sad regardless of whoever gets eliminated — after all, they’re all our students. What we can do now is to prepare those in our teams for the finals," said Huang Biren, whose sentiments were shared by her fellow celeb mentors Chen Hanwei and Christopher Lee. 

With only three weeks to go, the 12 finalists have their work cut out for them and super strict Chris declared that he will not take work, studies or anything else as an excuse to skip any training sessions.

Hanwei, however, quipped: “One look at the determination in all of their eyes and you know that all 12 of them want to win. They’ll go all out, so you might be the one having to ask them to let you off the hook when they ask for more lessons.”