The year has been tumultuous for Mark Lee, especially because his five-year-old daughter, Calynn, was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, a rare kidney disease. 

In an interview with 8 DAYS, the comedian and Love 97.2FM breakfast radio show jock shared that he and his wife, Catherine Ng, found out about their daughter’s illness in May after she had high fever two times in one month. “Usually kids with fever are still active, but Calynn looked like she was about to die,” he said. “It has been a very difficult time for us,” continued Mark, who had to balance the filming of his latest movie, Make It Big Big, which he also directed, with the stress of his daughter’s condition. 

The mood was sombre throughout our 20-minute interview, 'cept for a couple of laughs courtesy of Mark to keep the conversation light. He even joked about how his daughter insists on sleeping with him every night, and that his wife doesn't have a choice, because “cuddling our daughter is better than [him] cuddling other women”.

And because he’s worked so hard this year, his three kids, Calista, 10, Marksonn, seven, and Calynn, decided to write a song, titled 'Dad, It's Been Tough On You' , to show their appreciation for him for his 50th birthday. Awww. 

[Photos: Kevin Lau]