We're at the new premises of Vincent Ng's Wufang martial arts school in Joo Chiat where the lensing ceremony of Ch 8’s upcoming martial arts drama, The Good Fight, is taking place. And the stars, Rebecca Lim, Paige Chua, Andie Chen, Zong Zijie, Tay Ying, Edwin Goh, and Cavin Soh are all raring to kick some butt. 

Well, pretty understandable, considering that the last martial arts-themed Ch 8 drama was Code of Honour in 2011, which also starred Paige and Andie. This time round, the action-packed series, helmed by EP Zheng Geping, will revolve around the difficulties faced by the disciples of an old martial arts school as they try to revive the institution and the sport. 

The drama is slated to air in June 2019, and no one seems to be more stoked than Rebecca. The actress declares that she would “show her abs if the ratings are good.” Hmm... time to start doing those crunches Becks.

Here, we speak to the cast about all things fight-related.

[Photos: Ealbert Ho]

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