Which Of These Stars Spends $350 A Month On Data Plan?

New Ch 8 drama Dreamcoder is about the tech industry, which is why we asked the cast about their online habits.

joanne peh

Joanne Peh is not private about her browser history!
“I let my husband [Qi Yuwu] view my Internet browser history. Why not? There’s nothing to hide, unless I’m buying something for him online and I don’t want him to find out. But I don’t think he’s tech savvy enough to even know how to search my Internet history (laughs).”

carrie wong dreamcoder

Carrie Wong is hot for online dating!
“Have I created a fake persona online before? Nope, but I’m thinking of creating one for a dating app. Since Sheila Sim found love online, I think I can give it a try too. It sounds quite fun (laughs). However, ’cos I’m an actress, I don’t think I’d use my real name or photos. If I really click with the person, then I’d reveal my real identity.”

aloy pang

Aloysius Pang deletes friends from Facebook!
“I’m a tech idiot and I have zero friends on Facebook now because I deleted all 5,000 friends since I wasn’t interested in any of their feeds! I use Facebook to keep myself updated with business news and current affairs. I even deleted Xu Bin and my boss Dasmond Koh. My friends know me very well so they weren’t angry when I did that. I’m thinking of unfollowing everyone on my Instagram too, but I haven’t gotten around to doing that as I don’t want fellow artistes to misunderstand me (laughs).”

jayley woo

Jayley Woo pays $350 a month for her data plan!
“I dropped my phone a while back and it’s a little wonky now. I’m now unable to connect to Wifi or Bluetooth, so I’ve been using my data to go online. I signed up for a plan that costs $350 a month but it gives me 36GB of data. It’s impossible to use up the data, so I force myself to watch lots of videos on my phone daily. I think I should change my phone instead. It’ll probably be cheaper!”

desmond tan

Desmond Tan webcammed with a fan!
“The last time I webcammed was when I was in Cambodia. My fans welcomed me at the airport and they used Skype to connect me with another fan. She had gotten into a car accident and couldn’t be there. All her friends in the car were killed, and she broke her legs. She was really affected by it, so I talked to her and comforted her. I could tell that she was very touched even though it was just a five- minute chat.”

romeo tan

Romeo Tan is addicted to his phone!
“I consider myself an early adopter when it comes to technology. I’m addicted to my handphone and use it for everything — Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, email, shopping on ASOS, Google Maps, Deliveroo... (laughs). When I was younger, I hung out at Sim Lim Square a lot as I was very interested in computers and gadgets. I even know how to build websites using HTML codes!”

teddy tang

Teddy Tang created a fake online identity!
“I created a fake persona for myself on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) when I was younger. I was quite plump and didn’t get much attention, so I pretended to be the most popular guy in school (laughs). I wanted to see if people would treat me differently, and I have to say that I received a lot more attention!”

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