Which Celebrity Was At The Heart Of The Biggest Insurance Payout In Film History?

Which, incidentally, is more money than most of us would see in our lifetime.

The biggest difference between us plebs and celebs? Probably our insurance coverage. After all, everybody has insurance (right?), but not everyone does it like how famous people do. Some stars pay high premiums to protect their unique assets, while others have film companies insuring them — in which case, when something goes wrong and disrupts productions, the payout goes to the film companies. 

US$50mil (S$66 mil)

insurance paul
Paul Walker

Estimated payout of the largest insurance claim in film history, according to insurance provider Allianz. The sudden passing of Paul Walker in 2013, who met with a car accident while the filming of Fast & Furious 7 was ongoing, led to production delays of up to six months. Each day reportedly cost the production as much as US$250,000.


insurance andy
Andy Lau

How much Andy Lau received in insurance compensation when he fell off a horse last year while shooting a commercial in Thailand. His injuries resulted in a two-month hospital stay, followed by six months of rehabilitation that reportedly cost the Heavenly King almost $17mil from cancelled movies, concerts, and endorsements.

No. of James Bond movies insured by Allianz, which also covers Jackie Chan sci-fi flick Bleeding Steel and almost half of all Hollywood productions. It recently expanded its entertainment insurance portfolio to Asia. How much to insure a Zoe Tay drama? 

Famous body parts and how much they’re insured for 
Kim Kardashian’s butt. Talk about ass-et management.
US$30mil: Julia Roberts’ teeth. We don’t envy her dentist. 

insuranccec gene
Gene Simmons

US$1mil: KISS bass guitarist and frontman's tongue — during the band’s heyday in the ‘70s. Er, what about now?

How much Shirley MacLaine’s insurance policy for alien abduction reportedly cost. The controversial 83-year-old actress claimed she’d seen UFOs and has had experience with alien encounters. 


insurance cock
Ben Turpin

When a celebrity first insured his own body part. Silent film comedian Ben Turpin got it for his crossed eyes, which would render the policy payable if they ever uncrossed. 

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