What Laws Did Felicia Chin and Zhang Zhenhuan Flout?

Nothing too serious, we hope.


They play law-abiding powerhouse lawyers in Legal Eagles, but Felicia Chin and Zhang Zhenhuan may have flouted a law or two in real life. Oops

8 DAYS: The two of you portray top-notch lawyers in the new Ch 8 drama Legal Eagles.
FELICIA CHIN: It’s the first time I’m playing a lawyer. I have some friends who are lawyers so I modelled myself after them. I also watched videos of real court cases so that I could give my role a more realistic portrayal, and not something dramatised like the characters in [US legal drama series] Suits. Lawyer aside, this character is a big deal for me as an actress, as it’s my first role that chronicles the life of someone from her teens to her 40s.

ZHANG ZHENHUAN: It’s my second time taking on the role of a lawyer, but it’s more thrilling this time round as there are many court scenes where I present my cases and argue with other lawyers. It’s very cool. It's a little challenging ‘cos I have to deliver sharp dialogues with many legal jargon and I practiced a lot so that I won’t trip over the words.

What laws have you flouted in the past?
F: The only law I’ve broken is speeding, which is something I’m not terribly proud of, but I’m a lot more mindful now. Oh, and chewing gum, but I try not to do it. I guess it’s nothing serious. Singaporeans are usually quite mild (laughs).

Z: There was once I got fined for illegal parking but I didn’t even know what I did wrong. It was a parallel parking lot near Haji Lane and I parked well and displayed my parking coupons. I later realized that it was because I parked in the opposite direction. I think like me, many drivers aren’t aware that this is incorrect, so I hope that everyone can know about this through my painful lesson (laughs).

Felicia, you spent four months filming in Malaysia. How difficult was it being away from home and your boyfriend Jeffrey Xu?
F: I never knew I was someone who’d miss home, but I did. I called home and asked everyone to come visit me in Malaysia, even if it was just a quick catchup over lunch. Jeffrey was really sweet. I had a day when I had a three-hour break and I asked if he could please fly over to see me? I’m the sort who’d do crazy things for love while he’s very practical and logical so he wasn’t too keen at first. However, he still came. He flew to KL in the morning and flew back in the evening. Seeing him was just what I needed, it was an energy booster, and I was literally jumping for joy! (Laughs)

Zhenhuan, you have several steamy kissing scenes with Phyllis Quek…
Z: When I knew I was going to film with her, I was quite excited and I really looked forward to it. I was quite worried that the kissing scenes would be awkward, and it made me nervous. I struck up conversations with her and we talked about her acting stints in China, and her experience acting in period dramas. Thankfully, when we filmed the kissing scenes, I had already gotten to know her better so there were any NG takes (chuckles).

Legal Eagles debuts on Mar 7, and airs weeknights, Ch 8, 9pm.

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