What Kind of Couple Is Felicia Chin & Jeffrey Xu?

They won’t get matching tattoos but they’ll show each other their browser history. For real.

On paper, Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu aren’t the most likely of couples. She’s a bona fide Ch 8 princess. He’s been on the brink of stardom for years now, a perennial up-and-comer. A Ch 8 duke that’s not yet royalty. But when you meet them in person, it all makes sense. Here’s an example of the couple’s chemistry, taken from their ‘coming out’ cover story published in October 2016.

8 DAYS: Will they… get matching tattoos?
FELICIA CHIN: No. But that’s ’cos I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo (laughs).
JEFFREY XU: No. That’s so tacky. I’ve thought about getting inked, but it will probably be like my parents’ names.

Will they… exchange handphone passwords?
FELICIA: (Without hesitation) Yes.
JEFFREY: We don’t even need passwords. We just use our thumb prints. (They go on to demonstrate unlocking each other’s phones with their thumbs) It’s about giving each other a sense of security.

Will they… don couple outfits?
FELICIA:  He loves it. At first, I couldn’t take it. He bought me shoes first, which are still okay. Then it was the tops. Lee Teng gave us clothes from his Phantaci label and we wore the same top out for fun. We only made it to the carpark. When we caught our reflections in the mirror, we knew we had to change (laughs).

Will they… tell each other how much money they have in their bank accounts?
FELICIA:  He knows.
JEFFREY: For me, if I’m with you, I want you to know everything about me. I need you to know what sort of future I can give you. If I earn a few hundred dollars, I can still buy a pair of Gucci shoes for you.
FELICIA: He’s very open. I don’t think any of the guys [I’ve been with] have been this open.

Will they… allow the other person to go through their Internet browser history?
FELICIA: (Laughs) This is a good one!
JEFFREY: I already let her see my chats. So, why not? Oh, you mean what I surf on the web? I... don’t take my laptop over to her house.
FELICIA: But will you let me see it?
JEFFREY: Will lah, will lah.
FELICIA:  This is a really good question. It takes a lot of courage for someone to say yes (guffaws).

This story first appeared in #1357, Oct, 20. 

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