What is Jeanette Aw Doing With Our National Water Polo Players?

For our Beijing Olympics-themed issue, we paired Jeanette with some of our best sportsmen (with the best abs in the biz), and got her to spill about her personal 'records'. Enjoy! (This article is an excerpt from our cover story in Issue 929, Aug 7, 2008.)

If there was a gold medal for most giggly cover star, Jeanette Aw would be standing on top of the podium. For some reason, the 29-year-old is very giggle-prone tonight. Perhaps it’s because it's late, and she’s tired. Perhaps it’s ’cos she’s surrounded by too many rock hard abs to count. These belong to four hunks from the Singapore water polo team, who’re kindly lending some muscle to our Olympics Issue cover shoot. They’re kinda free, in that they’re not going to Beijing for the Olympics, despite bagging the gold at last year’s SEA Games. “China’s the only water polo team from Asia who qualified,” is their swift reply when we ask about their no-show. Still, the boys will be catching their favourite sports such as soccer and swimming on Ch 5’s coverage of the Olympic Games. Sadly, water polo is usually only shown as part of the highlights.

The team’s hard work hasn’t gone totally unnoticed. Jeanette, for one, is full of appreciation. “I’ve played water polo before,” she chimes. “I was filming in Bintan, and the resort had a water polo pool. I never knew it was so exhausting! The guys can walk in the pool, but I had to swim the whole time because I’m so short. But it was really fun.” “Fun” may have been the word on the minds of Jeanette and the boys when our shoot starts. “Don’t mind, ya?” queries the sweet-faced actress in her sing-song voice before placing her hands on their muscular shoulders and chests for the money shot. But as the night wears on, and more and more water is sprayed on the half-naked hotties, it becomes apparent that everyone present has Olympic endurance. Jeanette is worn-out but remains a trooper. The boys are cold and nervous, but grit their teeth and persevere. The crew is tired, but the show goes on. Very, very sporting indeed.

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Jeanette’s Personal Records

First time she won a sports medal “I was in the Raffles Girls’ Primary School gymnastics team. I think I got a bronze medal.”

Activity she has the most stamina for “I can stay on the Internet the whole day. I update my blogs, surf, and play [online role-playing game] World of Warcraft! (Giggles) I know, it’s weird!”

Longest she’s gone without sleep “Three days. I was working on my university thesis while filming True Heroes. I had classes in the morning, and filming in the afternoon. And I stayed up through the night typing my thesis. I didn’t even nap.”

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Shortest time taken to finish a meal “About 10 to 15 minutes. I had good training during band practice in school. The last person to finish eating had to clear up!”

Longest relationship “Two years.”

Shortest relationship “About one-and-a-half years. (Laughs) Yeah, not much difference, because I don’t really date casually. I go for long-term relationships.”

Longest period she’s gone without make-up “Um, 21 years. Because I only started using make-up when I entered the [showbiz] industry.”

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