What If Rebecca Lim Really Were Queen?

Rebecca tells us in her own words how she would rule her kingdom

If I were Queen, I would rule with grace, lots of help, and on many occasions will have to act intelligent cause who are we kidding right? My royal title would be Queen Rebecca (traditional still the best) and my emblem would look like the logo of a heart. I would grant my people more holidays because, let’s be honest, everyone deserves more breaks right?
They would agree with me so much, that when my birthday comes along, I would be able to make it into another public holiday! And on my birthday, I would give a speech and everyone who listens to it would have to drink kopi while eating kaya roti and soft boiled eggs. Because this is my country and if they don’t like it, they can drink teh I guess (how can anyone not like kaya roti & eggs?!?). When my royal subjects greet me, they have to smile, and if they don’t, I would have no choice but to roll my eyes and walk on. (What to do right? Maybe they PMS?).
My King needs to be full of wisdom, be super capable, humorous and would probably look like my future husband. We would have lots of dogs and one kid. I would also hire my pals to work in my palace. So Ian Fang would be my Royal supervisor/ confidante and Romeo Tan, my Royal tea buddy.  My Royal Advisor would be my dad because dads win. All of them would be paid in reasonable cash & love & vitamins, gold, cars, clothes, insurance policies and skincare… but more importantly, they would have to call me beautiful! Hahaha (just cause I know they will hate it.)But in all honesty, I think being Queen is not easy. So much is expected of you. And if given a choice, I would rather be just “Rebecca Lim” ‘cos really, my life’s pretty good, and it’s only going to get better.

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This story originally appeared in #1360, Nov 10, 2016

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