What do 'The Breakup List' stars Janice Chiang and Jannassa Neo think about Benjamin Kheng?

Is the Sam Willows heartthrob BF material?

Janice Chiang and Jannassa Neo, who play the women vying for Benjamin Kheng's affections on the Toggle rom-rom, on relationship deal-breakers and other matters of the heart.

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Love games: (from left) Jannassa Neo, Benjamin Kheng, Janice Chiang and Elliot Tan.

Janice Chiang, 29

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In the real world… she’s the producer/writer/co-founder of the YouTube comedy channel Tree Potatoes.

On The Break-up List… she plays Judy, the materialistic nightmare ex-girlfriend.

What she looks for in a man: "He has to be intellectual. I like to have engaging conversations and hear a different opinion from time to time. I'm a workaholic, so I need a lot of space in my relationships. So I'm not the needy kind and my boyfriend needs to accept that."

Turn-offs: "I will never date someone who smokes. Smoking is bad for you! Plus I have a very sensitive nose."

How she’d deal with a break-up: "I’ll cut my hair ’cos it’ll feel like a fresh start. I’ll also go on a solo trip overseas to clear my mind."

Is Benjamin Kheng BF material? "He really not my type. I'd rather choose Elliot [Tan, Kheng’s on-screen BFF and Tree Potatoes co-founder] because I've known him longer and he's a really good friend to me."

Jannassa Neo, 26

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In the real world… she posts vids of herself singing on Instagram, where she has 12,000 followers.

On The Break-up List… she makes her acting debut as Sarah, a whimsical art teacher.

What she looks for in a man: "I feel most comfortable being alone, so I'm quite a homebody actually. It’s great if he's musically inclined. But really, I want compassion. It's just nice to have an empathetic someone who cares.

Turn-offs: "If he has no direction or passion. I’ll also be put off if he’s solely focused on me."

How she’d deal with a break-up: "I’ll just bury myself in work, learn new stuff and try not to think about the relationship."

Is Benjamin Kheng BF material? "He’s a musician and I love singing with people, so I can connect with him on that level. On the other hand, Elliot's a great listener and good communication is important in every relationship. Can I take both?"

The Break-up List is streaming on Toggle. It premieres on Ch 5 in Nov.

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