What are Fann Wong’s Valentine’s Day turn-offs?

The actress tells us what she would do in these pretend-scenarios involving her hubby Christopher Lee. 

This Valentine's Day, we revisit an interview Fann Wong gave back in 2012 (for our V-Day issue, no less) about the dos and dont's of the special occasion. 

8 DAYS: What if Chris wants to take you to a fast food restaurant on Valentine's Day?
Fann Wong: 
“I’ll divorce him. I can call my own delivery. I don’t need him to take me! But this won’t happen ’cos he doesn’t like fast food.”

What if Chris wants to do a double date with his best bud?
“Of course cannot lor. It’s Valentine’s, not National Day or Chinese New Year. He wouldn’t dare do that.”

What if Chris wants you to cook for him?
“He knows better than to ask for trouble!”

You get really upset when Chris gives you…
“I’m in a dilemma when it comes to flowers. When they’re expensive, I think they’re a waste of money. But when it’s a small bouquet, I’ll complain about the size. (Laughs) Also, it’s not right not to give roses on Valentine’s. Aiyah, I’m such a contradiction!”

What if Chris insists on wearing matching clothes?
“I don’t want to wear lao sai (Hokkien for diarrhoea) pants like him! I don’t want to match him! Doesn’t the whole of Singapore know that we’re a couple already?”

This article is an excerpt from our cover story in Issue 1112, Feb 9, 2012. 

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