Who knew it would so hard to answer interview questions using only emojis? “I almost went cross-eyed doing this leh…” Romeo mock-whines after we subject him to our Emoji Interview. “It’s quite tedious looking through the tiny emojis on my phone to find the best one to answer the question!”

Does this mean that despite being rather endangered these days, words (as in, actual words) are not going extinct anytime soon? That as much as we seem to communicate via photos (hello Instagram pics with no captions) and cartoon icons (how many times have you ended a WhatsApp conversation with a smiley face or just used an angry face to show your displeasure?), words are still — gasp — necessary? Judging from Romeo’s reaction, it seems so. Sometimes, words, not pictures, still paint a thousand words.

Granted, we didn’t make it easy for poor Romeo. You try answering “Why do you think humans were put on this earth?” using only emojis. And before we made him answer these brain-taxing, eye-squinting questions, we put him through a shoot where he had to pose with imaginary emojis. Yes, it’s like acting with fake monsters in front of a green screen that will be superimposed later. Anyone who walked past our shoot would have been like, “What’s wrong with Romeo? Why is he wearing a trench coat and holding an imaginary umbrella? Is he miming a hamburger and pretending to eat it? Is he playing… air guitar???”

So thanks dude, for being such a good sport, and for only rolling your eyes at us via emoji, and not in real life. See? Emojis are so useful.