The Time Elvin Ng Wrote For 8 Days

His new book is called Our Epic Little Lives and the dude admits he has a bit of an obsession with horses. So we got the newly-minted author to write the intro to our Chinese New Year cover story. (This story first appeared in Issue 1214, Jan 23, 2014.)

HE sat there in front of the camera smiling, really smiling, warm lights flashing in his eyes, as shadows of paper horses were cast upon him and the wall behind; it felt surreal and romantic. He was brought right back to the time when he was writing a book, when he wrote about his love affair with a horse, a symbolic horse, how lovers and people first came to meet, how they (the little boy and his horse) leapt through windows of hope and promise of future which they drew for themselves, and that they believed in it. It was a new year, year of the horse, and how better to start it off than with the pen in his own hands, and instead of being written for, to write his own year. He’s a hopeless romantic, more hopeless, than romantic, and he believes this year to be a romantic and loving one; a good year for everyone. - Elvin Ng

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