The Rebecca Lim Cheat Sheet

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Back in 2014, we got seven celebs to fill in our 'matchmaking form', Here's Rebecca Lim's. 

FAVOURITE COLOUR: White. “I like clean things. I have a bit of an obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

FAVOURITE MOVIE: Notting Hill. “I’m not a romantic but I like it ’cos it’s about an actress finding love.”

SONG THAT BEST DESCRIBES YOU: Bach’s Air on the G String. “I love this piece ’cos it’s so soothing. I am a very ‘chill’ person about a lot of things. I’m too blessed to be stressed.”

HOBBIES: “I actually just like staying at home. And I like food.”

IDEA OF PERFECT FIRST DATE: “It would be somewhere quiet, maybe an Italian restaurant like Pasta Brava or Valentino, where it’s not too atas and intimidating. If things go well, it would be nice if he can send me home. I’ve been on first dates where I’ve been so nervous I ended up babbling nonsense!”

DISLIKES: “People who are rude to elderly people, proud people who think they know everything, and people who are cruel to animals.”

FAVOURITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: “Anywhere! As long as I get to travel, it’s always a great experience.”

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS: “Work in progress. That’s three words, right?”

DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL PARTNER IN THREE WORDS: “An excellent man! (Laughs) Okay, if I really have to… Inspiring, caring and kind.”

IF I HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, I WOULD… “Buy a nice island and build a home there. Live a simple life with the people who matter. That’s what’s important in the long run.”

IF I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, I WOULD… “Spend more time with my family.”

ADDITIONAL INFO/COMMENTS: “Nil. Might do further damage if I comment further.”

This story first appeared in #1217, Feb 13, 2014

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