If any of you ladies have been contacted by someone claiming to be local actor Tay Ping Hui online and your “relationship” has advanced to the point that you’re texting and he’s buttering you up with sweet nothings… cease contact immediately.

For starters, the 49-year-old has been married to NUS lecturer Edna Lim since 2010, so he certainly shouldn’t be going around chatting up random strangers on the internet. And that’s exactly what he isn’t doing ‘cos the “Tay Ping Hui” that’s been flirting with women before asking them for tens of thousands of dollars is, if you haven’t already guessed, a complete and total scammer.

Fortunately, many of those who were targeted have been able to see through the lies and alerted Ping Hui — the real one — to the ruse. Last week, he updated both his official Instagram and Facebook pages to address the issue and to let everyone know that those are the only legit accounts of his, so everything else is a sham.

“Apparently someone has been opening account after account with different versions of my name and sending private messages to fans in an attempt to get their contact,” he wrote. “The modus operandi is [always] the same. Fella would message a female fan, (always female, terrible you know, so sexist) chat them up, ask for their number and eventually try to cheat them of their money.”

Also included were screenshots from fans who’ve had the misfortune of communicating with the trickster (or tricksters). In a nutshell, Fake Ping Hui starts by showering his — or her, you never know — victim with compliments and romantic pledges. Then, comes some sob story about needing money and a request for “a little support”, namely, S$15,000 to S$20,000.

In the case of the informant featured in Ping Hui’s posts, she decided to call out the scammer, who reacted by attempting to guilt-trip her, complete with a very rude and sexist “women are all the same” remark (how classy).

“Tbh (sic) I can’t help but feel flattered and insulted at the same time,” Ping Hui’s caption continues. “Flattered because [he] thinks that my fans love me so much until they would lose all common sense and obey my every command. Wah, I so powerful meh? Insulted because he thinks I would be so careless to get myself in such financial problems and am despicable enough to make use of my dear supporters.”

And the most terrible thing of all: “He is rather clumsy with his sweet [nothings], I am much sweeter than that!”

That wasn’t all Ping Hui has to say about being impersonated for unsavoury purposes. Keep reading to see what he told 8days.sg in our email interview.