Remember when Tay Ping Hui accidentally sliced off the tip of his finger while filming a cooking show in 2016?

According to the actor’s Instagram post, all it took was a mere “split second” of being distracted before he “felt the blade cut [through his] nail”, “slicing the entire piece of flesh off, leaving it on the chopping board, flooded with blood”.

If you felt faint reading the last two sentences, we would advise you not to scroll any further.

Unfortunately for the actor, history sort of repeated itself last week. On July 16, Ping Hui shared a photo of himself at the hospital with a bandaged left ring finger, revealing that he “managed to crush [it] with a car door during filming, [splitting] finger [and] nail open”. Ouch.

Those courageous enough to swipe left were rewarded with a graphic close-up of the bloody nail, as well as a cringe-worthy clip of it being doused in saline.

Again, continue scrolling at your own risk.

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