“I worked the entire day on her actual birthday and didn’t get a chance to eat with her. But it’s okay lah, at least I made a cake for her,” sulked Chen Hanwei when talking about his mum. 

The man absolutely adores his parents, who are both in their eighties and live in Johor Bahru. And Hanwei, who plays a caring family man in upcoming Taiwanese-Singapore co-pro All Is Well, tells us that he brings his mother to do “everything and anything she wants” whenever she comes to Singapore. 

If you’ve been keeping up with the 50-year-old on Instagram, you would know that last December, the actor had gone on a family trip to Taiwan in celebration of his mum’s birthday. And it was an epic trip, especially when it came down to the planning. Here's the thing: the most-critically lauded local actor may have played many, many iconic roles over the years but it seems the most important role in his life is playing “tour guide” and holiday planner for his parents.

He also spares no expense when it comes to the vacations with his folks, revealing that he spends at least $30,000 on every trip. Sure, it's a big amount but Hanwei believes it's all worth it. "Being filial isn’t something to brag about. It’s how every child should be,” he beams. "After all, the greatest thing my mum has ever done for me is to bring me up. She gave me this life." 

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