January 28, 2020 is a very special date for local model-turned-actress Sheila Sim — not only did it mark her second wedding anniversary with her banker hubby Deon Woo, but it was also the day she found out she is expecting their first child.

“The story is, we were going out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary, and I just felt like it might be better to [do a pregnancy test] first because during the Chinese New Year period, I was feeling very tired all the time, which is unnatural for me because I’m always very energetic,” the 35-year-old shared with 8days.sg in a phone interview this morning (Apr 27). “At first I was like, the pregnancy test kit is so expensive, should I try or just wait to see if my period comes? (Laughs) But then I just went ahead with the test and I really was pregnant!”

Sheila has always been very vocal about wanting to start a family ever since tying the knot, and while she and Deon have been trying for kids, she didn’t want to put her hopes up too high, especially since they had a lot of travel plans in the pipeline.

“Our whole year was dotted with a lot of holidays,” she said. “It was like we were living our life without being surrounded by any plans to get pregnant, and even after we found out I was expecting, we were still thinking of where to go for our babymoon and shopping trips as sort of a ‘last hurrah’.”

While their jet-setting hopes have obviously been dashed by the COVID-19 outbreak, the circuit breaker measures have been a silver lining for Sheila, who is currently around four months pregnant and due to give birth in late September or early October.

“It has given me a lot of time to prepare the house and all,” she explained. “We haven’t started on the baby room ‘cos I can’t buy a lot of things yet, but I have all the plans and I know exactly what’s gonna happen.”