In case you haven’t heard, former Mediacorp host Sharon Au is back in Singapore, at least until the end of August. And yes, she made the trip specially to vote in this year’s General Election (and to spend time with her mum, of course, but we’ll get to that later).

As it turns out, she almost couldn’t make it back in time for Polling Day from Paris, where she’s been living and working as an investment director in a private equity firm since 2018.

“I arrived the day before the election, but it was supposed to be three days earlier,” she told over the phone from her Marina Bay Sands hotel room, where she's serving out her mandatory two-week quarantine. “I went to the airport and just when I thought I was supposed to board my plane, I was told that my flight had already left the day before!”

It wasn’t a case of Sharon getting her dates mixed up. After making some calls, she found out that the airline had changed her flight to an earlier one… and forgot to inform her.

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