Rui En Is A Stalker Godma

Rui En on what kind of godma she is to Avery, the daughter of Andie Chen and Kate Pang. (This is an excerpt from an article that first appeared in Issue 1345, July 27, 2016)

Rui En becoming godma to Andie Chen and Kate Pang’s daughter is an event that’s surely a happy ray of light in what’s been a challenging few weeks for the actress, who received her sentence (a $700 fine) for careless driving and hitting a stationary motorcycle with her BMW in April. She tells us what kind of godma she'd be, and that includes, um, setting up a tent outside Andie and Kate’s house. 

8 DAYS: How did you feel when Andie asked you to be Avery’s godma? Why did you accept?

RUI EN: [I felt] like the birds were chirping, the angels were singing, Dory was whale-calling and I struck 4D. No, seriously, it was an honour. I was so grateful. I never expected that, after all the slaps he got from me on set. Why wouldn't one accept?!

You’ve said you are not going to have your own kids, and thus appreciate the chance to be Avery’s godma. Why are you so sure you don’t want kids? How did it feel to hold Avery for the first time?

I won't answer the first part of the question as it is too personal, but holding her for the first time, I feel the same as when holding any baby — an overwhelming sense of peace, love and [a sense of the] miracle of God's creation. 

rui en godma

What kind of godma do you think you will be? How involved will you be?

I plan to set up a tent right outside their house. Stalker godma. Might make a good movie.

Do you think being Avery’s godma is a ray of light for you, in view of the other less positive things that have been happening for you recently?

It would be a ray of light for me in any circumstance. By the way, it’s not just her university fees that are being taken care of, her retirement plan is being lined up as we speak. (You know we are both kidding, right? Something printed in 8 DAYS is not a contract.)

Andie said that he thinks you being Avery’s godma would be good for both you and the kid. Do you agree it’s good for you? Why?

If they let me, I will bring her up [according to] the values that Andie cherishes in me. If she lets me [be involved in her life], she will be the angel sent from God to me at exactly the right time.


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