Rosalyn Lee left Singapore for New York on March 5 for a work trip, and the original plan was for her to be in the Big Apple for five days and then jet home. What transpired was way more dramatic.

The 40-year-old attended the movie premiere of A Quiet Place II on March 8, and since she was already halfway around the world, she decided to make the travel worth it. 

“I didn’t want to just go New York for three nights, and since everything back home is on hold because of the current situation, I thought, why not go a country that's not on the 'COVID-19 list'?” she tells over the phone yesterday (Mar 24). We're chatting with Rozz while she's in the comfort of her own home on Day 0 of her mandatory Stay-Home Notice (SHN). Yes, all you folks who have to serve SHN, take note: Isolation starts from Day 0. A few hours before our call, Rozz had just been at Changi Airport going through customs and a Covid-19 test (more on that later).

But back to her travels. She decided that she wanted to jet over to Colombia, which was the nearest South American country and one that's on her travel bucket list.

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