Revealed: Vernetta Lopez On Her Love-Hate Relationship With 'Suits'

The Gold 905 jock owes her career to Carol Burnett.

How many hours I spend watching TV

Average about an hour-and-a-half a day. On a freer day, it can be three hours or more. Or, not at all, due to lack of time or energy!

The TV show I watch first thing in the morning

GOLD 905’s Facebook page! We go ‘live’ almost every morning and we must watch to gauge and see what it looks like!

The TV show I watch before going to bed

Currently, my husband and I are watching Mad Men or Orphan Black or whatever we happen to be bingeing on.

The TV show that defined my childhood

It was a mix of All Creatures Great and Small, The Benny Hill Show, Three’s Company, Battlestar Galactica, Little House on the Prairie, and ‘Allo! ‘Allo! And, of course, Sesame Street and The Electric Company! Oh, during Christmas time, it’s The Osmonds Family Christmas Show! Woooo hooooo!

The last TV show I binged on

Ozark. Jason Bateman is seeing a resurgence in his career with this suspenseful, Breaking Bad-type show that makes you want to watch more and more! Can’t wait for Season 2!

The TV show everyone's talking about but I haven't seen yet

The last hot one that folks said I should’ve watched was Orange is the New Black but nowadays, it’s Tanglin. My parents and relatives watch it but I haven’t yet! So sorry! And [fellow GOLD 905 DJ] Mike [Kasem]’s in it too! I’m terrible. Oh, and Game of Thrones. Haven’t seen it. No idea what’s going on… no, of course I’ve seen it.

The most unforgettable TV moment

Well, there was when everyone was asking “Who shot JR?” from Dallas, and then who killed Laura Palma in the original Twin Peaks. But my most unforgettable TV moment was the opening titles of [the original 1978] Battlestar Galactica! My family would huddle on the couch together, switch off the lights and enjoy the full effect of our large home theatre TV! It was so exciting and fun!

The TV show I'm too embarrassed to tell everyone that I'm watching

I’m half-grudgingly watching Suits! The first few seasons were awesome but the previous season as well as the current one are so predictable  and cheesy with every character doing the ‘I’m-gonna-get-the-last-word-in’ moment in practically every scene! Oh, as well as Friends. I have the entire box set. Re-watching it for the… 22nd time. Awesome.

The TV show that inspired what I am doing now

The Carol Burnett Show! She had an elastic face, gigantic expressive eyeballs, witty humor, and slapstick-funny physicality. Her hilarious skits and characters inspired the humorist in me!

Dominic Cooper, Dominic West or Dominic Purcell?

Definitely Dominic Cooper! Loved him in Devil’s Double, and as the young Howard Stark in Captain America. He’s awesome in Preacher!

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