Revealed: 'Meet the MP' and 'The Hush' 'star Esther Low comes clean about her TV habits

The singer-actress is indebted to Kublai Khan for giving her career a second wind.

How many hours I spend watching TV

I'm now hooked on the Aussie prison drama, Wentworth! So every day I’d watch an average of two episodes. But if I'm not hooked onto anything, I usually don't watch any TV at all.

The TV show I watch first thing in the morning

Any show that has me in it so I can give myself a confidence boost before I start my day. Kidding! I try not to watch anything before I start my day because I love keeping myself physically active in the morning. So I'd probably be working out, or doing household chores.

The TV show I watch before going to bed


The last TV show I binged on

Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be any good because spin-offs aren’t usually as good as the originals. But Better Call Saul is surprisingly good. I also just binge watched Lion Moms on Toggle to refresh my memory about its story and my character, Seraphina, before commencing shoot for Season 2!

The TV show everyone's talking about but I haven't seen yet

Orphan Black. I've heard a lot of great things about it. A lot of my actor friends have said that, as actors, we need to watch it to get inspired.

The most unforgettable TV moment

When 9/11 happened. I was 13 at that time, and I remembered how suddenly there were headlining banners on every program on TV about the tragedy. I could not fully comprehend what was happening, but from the reactions of my parents, I could sense that it was something very terrible. And I felt terrible in my heart too. Yet all we could do was stare at the screen and gape.

The TV show I'm too embarrassed to tell everyone that I'm watching

It is — drumroll — [the American daytime soap opera] The Bold and the Beautiful. But it’s one of those things you watch because it’s so bad it’s good! My boyfriend and I watched it just to laugh at the actors and the terrible angles and lighting. So bad, right?

tv diet esther low marco polo
Feeling blue: Esther Low on Netflix’s Marco Polo. Photo: Netflix

The TV show that inspired what I am doing now

It wasn't TV that inspired me to be an actress, actually. I’ve always been naturally dramatic, since I was a kid. There’s no real explanation for this, but I was drawn to anything that had the word ‘drama’ in it. And I guess my inclinations brought me to where I am now. But I can tell you that it was working on Season 2 of Marco Polo that inspired me to stay in the industry. Before that, I was teetering between bit roles, and, honestly, was this close to throwing in the towel. It’s really a sucky feeling when you've been at it for such a long time without any real signs of progress — it eats away at your confidence and self-worth. On the set of Marco Polo, I got to experience such awe-inspiring professionalism, and met some really encouraging people who made me feel validated for what I did. And I decided, Hey, maybe I wasn't as bad as I thought, otherwise I wouldn't be here. 

Dominic Cooper, Dominic West or Dominic Purcell?

Dominic Cooper. I saw him in Warcraft and The Duchess. I've seen other films that apparently he was also in, but didn't know it was him! Like Captain America: The First Avenger, An Education, and From Hell. But An Education and From Hell, I really liked. 

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