Revealed: 987FM’s Adam Piperdy talks about his TV guilty pleasures

Can you believe that he once thought Pablo Escobar was a fictional character. Come again?

We ask the 987FM jock - one half of Hotdogs with Gerald Koh & Adam Piperdy - to come clean about his TV viewing habits.

How many hours I spend watching TV

Around two hours on good days. On lazy days, it’s about six hours!

The TV show I watch first thing in the morning

I spend most of the time in the toilet in the morning.

The TV show I watch before going to bed

I love Netflix so I watch at least one episode a night to reward myself for a long day at work. I’m currently still on Suits and Designated Survivor

The TV show that defined my childhood

Phua Chu Kang. I would watch re-runs and still laugh out loud even till now.

The last TV show I binged on 

I loved The Crown because it’s about the world’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and it gives you a great insight into how she was anointed. And because Singapore was once a British colony, it’s fascinating to learn how some of our street names and landmarks came about, like how Victoria Theatre and Queen Street were named after royalty. Plus, I love drinking English tea.

The TV show everyone's talking about but I haven't seen yet

13 Reasons Why, Arrow, Breaking Bad… so many more!

The most unforgettable TV moment 

When I realised that Narcos was based on a true story. It had me Googling Pablo Escobar for days!

True story: Wagner Moura as real-life drug lord Pablo Escobar in Narcos. 

The TV show I'm too embarrassed to tell everyone that I'm watching

Jane the Virgin. Please don’t judge me.

Guilty pleasure: Adam has a thing for Jane the Virgin.

The TV show that inspired what I’m doing now 

Suits. It prepares me for the office politics I have to deal with every day! (laughs

Dominic Cooper, Dominic West or Dominic Purcell?

Dominic Purcell for breaking out of prison! I was glued to Prison Break because I just wanted to see how they escape. 

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