Revealed: 987's Charmian Tan Has A Thing For Guys Named Ryan.

The 24-year-old DJ takes our My TV Diet quiz and reveals her guilty pleasures, including one Disney show which she owes her career to.

How many hours I spend watching TV
I usually don’t watch much TV during the day, but when I have time, I’ll binge on shows on Netflix!

The TV show I watch first thing in the morning
Do random funny Facebook videos count?

The TV show I watch before going to bed
I like to catch up on YouTube videos by Jenn Im or Wong Fu Productions!

The TV show that defined my childhood
Lizzie McGuire. Hands down.

The last TV show I binged on
I was hooked on Grimm so bad that I finished the entire season in three days!

The TV show everyone's talking about but I haven't seen yet
Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why… I live under a rock.

The most unforgettable TV moment
When Netflix decided to cancel Girlboss after one season. I mean, hello? It's Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal — I need to know more of how she owned an entire fashion empire!

 Britt Robertson in Girlboss

The TV show I’m too embarrassed to tell everyone that I’m watching
I still keep up with Teen Wolf every now and then... I can’t help it. Dylan O'Brien has my heart.

The TV show that inspired what I am doing now
Hate to break it to you, it’s still Lizzie McGuire! Well, the movie. I was 10 when I watched it, and till today it still gets me. A teenager having the adventure of a lifetime and being brave enough to chase her dreams. It. Changed. My. Life.

Dominic Cooper, Dominic West or Dominic Purcell?
None. Dominics are never my type. I like Ryans... they’re always very cheeky. I mean, look at Blake Lively — she’s having the life I want (laughs).

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