Remember when Felicia Chin made her appearance during Star Awards 2016 Show 1, and suddenly, the bevy of male celebs like Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan didn’t quite know where to look? In fact, this was what we had remarked about her outfit then: “Like doing an awkward skinny-dip in a hot spring with your colleague at a company retreat, we feel like we know Felicia Chin better than we’d like to after seeing her in the Paolo Sebastian see-through number.” What a way to leave an impression. So it goes without saying that when we were selecting our Top 50 Most Memorable Star Awards Outfits, we ranked Felicia high (#4!) on our list. We speak to the actress to find out more about That Dress That Make Her Look Nekkid. 

8 DAYS: That nude Paolo Sebastian dress which you wore in 2016 was probably one of the most daring outfits any star has ever worn to the ceremony. 
My first impression of the Paolo Sebastian dress was that it was really breath-taking-ly beautiful. But it was controversial in some ways ’cos it’s translucent. 

How did you feel wearing that dress?
I felt really regal and beautiful wearing it. But I feel that that dress looks best under lighting that isn’t too strong. Most of the pictures of me in that dress were taken outdoors under strong sunlight. So the outfit didn’t look the same as I expected it to. I was actually struggling in the changing room whether to wear that dress or not. And I nearly didn’t. But my stylists encouraged me to just try it. So I courageously did. 

Fill in the blanks — That Paolo Sebastian dress is the most ____ outfit that I have ever worn ’cos ____.
That Paolo Sebastian dress is the most talked-about outfit that I have ever worn ’cos, well, the pictures speak for themselves. Even I myself was startled by how my dress looked like on TV under the bright sunlight ’cos [it didn't look that sheer] during the fitting. So now, when my stylists or I make choices on what I should wear, we’re more discerning and careful as well.

So what you will be wearing to the Star Awards this Sunday
I think what I’d be wearing really represents who I am. It’s something that I’m comfortable in. And with that outfit, I don’t come across as trying too hard to be like someone else. It's just me being myself. 

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