Rebecca Lim: Fake Photo Scandal Victim

Remember when Rebecca Lim fell prey to a fake lewd photo scandal?

She may have a faked nip slip pic floating around the Internet (thus making her the subject of lewd conversations on forums and social media), but Rebecca Lim is not the least bit fazed. Or at least that’s how Becks came across when we met her at the press con for new Ch 8 drama Sealed with a Kiss, where she plays a glib saleswoman who turns into a #nofilter disaster after sharing a kiss with Elvin Ng’s luckless carpenter. Though the affable actress, who came upon the pic when she was holidaying in Japan with her family, isn’t one to go on a #nofilter rant against the person who doctored the photo, she does hope to set the record straight.

8 DAYS: What was your first thought when you saw the faked photo?
REBECCA LIM: I was shocked. I remember the dress being quite tight when I wore it that day [to a corporate event], that’s why I had some reservations about [the photo’s] authenticity. I honestly thought I had a wardrobe malfunction at first. But on closer inspection, I realised it’s just another one of those lewd, Photoshopped pictures. And I don’t have old-fashioned underwear like that!

rebecca lim nipslip2
The original pic. No nip slip here. 

Were you hoping it wouldn’t go viral?
Yeah. I didn’t think it was that serious until I started getting concerned texts from family and friends, andeven the media. I wanted to ignore the photo at first ’cos I know [talking about it] will only give those websites traffic. But the photo went viral and the situation got out of control! I can understand why. It looks quite realistic at first glance.

How did your parents react?
|My parents seemed okay, but I know they must have felt quite uncomfortable [knowing] this photo is going viral. That’s why I decided I needed to put a stop to it. [Ed: Two days after the photo made its rounds on the Internet, Becks and her management issued a statement to discredit its authenticity. She then posted the original photo on her Instagram page with the caption: “To youwho- did-it and the people spreading it, shall we stop spreading negativity and lies?”]

What measures are you going to take to ensure nothing similar happens again?
There’s nothing I can do. This isn’t the first time my picture has been Photo-shopped anyway. My face has been Photo-shopped onto naked bodies. I wish I had bodies like [those women]! But I don’t! (Guffaws) The only thing I can do to counter all these fake images is to ignore them. I’m also glad that the general public stood up against those who made lewd comments.

This story first appeared in Issue 1297, Aug 27, 2015

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