According to Rayson Tan, the best way to teach your kids how to behave is to set a good example for them. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I don’t use vulgarities,” the 55-year-old actor tells when we chat with him at the imaging session of upcoming Mediacorp drama, Super Dad.

If you’ve read our interview with Rayson's wife Chen Liping from a year ago, you would know that when it comes to their 18-year-old son Zavier, Aiyoyo's only responsibility is to let him "eat, drink and be merry”. Which means that Rayson is in charge of everything else, especially Zavier’s studies. And it seems he’s doing a pretty good job. 

Not much is known about their low-profile son, except that he’s "fit", at least according to Liping, and that he is currently a year two IB programme student at St Joseph’s Institution. 

In fact, so under-the-radar and private is Zavier that he has zero posts on Instagram. 

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