Is Quan Yifeng leaving Singapore — and showbiz — for good? That’s what netizens are speculating after the Taiwan-born Ch 8 host shared a lengthy and rather emo post bidding goodbye to her two-storey apartment in Siglap on July 12.

In her caption, which accompanied a photo of herself on her balcony, the 46-year-old compared herself to a “nomad” who spent three decades wandering around Singapore without a home. It was only within the past few years that she managed to secure a place for herself and her daughter Eleanor Lee, giving her the opportunity to enjoy “the sweetest and happiest period” of her life.

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2020,活着,比什么都重要! 我们总以为来日方长,殊不知世事无常才是人生常态。 人生没有永远,珍惜眼前,活在当下才是真理。 有人称2020是十分魔幻的一年,无论是天灾还是人祸皆让人痛心。 那些逝去的鲜活生命,他们原本都有一个美好的未来,没想到永远的停留在了此刻。 生命太过脆弱,脆弱到往往只是一瞬间的事情。 有些人,有些事,一转就是一辈子。 闯荡新加坡30年,一路颠颠沛流离像个游牧名族,外表的光鲜远不及内心的荒芜,最后的几年终于有了房子慢慢安定下来,跟孩子两人相依为命的日子,经历过人生最甜蜜最幸福的时光,以为这就是我人生最后的靠岸最美好的模样,刚刚要安下一颗心,却没想到又是另一个人生的起程,要去探索另一种生活方式,习惯另一个城市空气,人生总是那么无常计划永远赶不上变化,谢谢这间房子给过我们的温暖,为我避风遮雨保护着我们母女两,跟你最后的告别,希望下个主人也一样在这里得到幸福和健康。 出行注意安全,天气多变,世事无常;出门带好口罩,疫情尚未结束,不可大意。 愿山河无恙,愿一切都能否极泰来! #2020活着比什么都重要

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While Yifeng thought she would finally be able to stop moving around, it looks like life has other plans for her.

“Just as I was about to settle down, I never thought that there would be a new journey in store for me, to explore a different way of life and get used to the air in another city. Life is always so impermanent, and plans can never catch up with changes.”

Yifeng went on to express her gratitude to her old home, thanking it for the warmth and shelter it provided her and Eleanor. “I hope the next owner will get to experience the same happiness and health here.”