For Quan Yifeng and her daughter Eleanor Lee, one good thing that came out of the whole awful COVID-19 situation, is that they got to spend a lot more time together.

Eleanor, 20, has been based in China working as actress since she shot to fame overnight with her viral Apple commercial in 2015 and has lived apart from her mum for more than four years. She is also currently enrolled in the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, which boasts an impressive alumni, that includes some of China's biggest stars like Yang Mi, Liu Yifei and Vicki Zhao.

But with classes moved online and her filming schedules pushed back due to the pandemic, Eleanor returned home to Singapore, where she has filmed a handful of productions, most of which involve her mum.

One such project is new cooking show YiFong and Eleanor’s Kitchen, which, as its name suggests, sees the pair baking, boiling and brewing up a storm in the kitchen. They’ve also invited guests who have played an important role in their lives, including actors Elvin Ng and Christopher Lee, as well as Eleanor’s godfather Addy Lee, whose surname she has taken. 

YiFong and Eleanor’s Kitchen is split into 10 60-minute episodes, with new eps released every Monday on Ch 8 and meWATCH. Prior to the show’s premiere on Aug 31, caught up with Yifeng and Eleanor over the phone.

During our conversation, Yifeng was as animated as ever, while Eleanor was like an anchor to her mum's motorboat-like energy. The younger star also seemed perfectly at home letting her mum do all the talking, and would only respond when we directed a question at her. When she did respond, she was lively and self-assured and very much like the level-headed old soul Yifeng often describes her as.