It’s a chilly December morning in Hengdian, China, and is preparing to set out on a five-minute bus ride from our hotel to the famous Hengdian World Studios. 

But first: coffee. And Bryan Wong is here to save the day.

Having spent the past few weeks in the Zhejiang province town (aka the Hollywood of China) to film the Ming Dynasty-based scenes of upcoming Mediacorp time-travel drama A Quest to Heal, the 49-year-old actor-host has been using his free time to explore all the culinary options in the area. When he learns that we are craving caffeine, his celebrity tour guide side takes charge and soon, we find ourselves being herded to a nearby bakery like kindergarteners on a field trip.

The walking food guide demonstrates his talents again during our interview the next day, when we somehow find ourselves asking him for dinner recommendations (might as well, right?). The 49-year-old immediately launches into a passionate and detailed account of what restaurants he has tried and loved, complete with must-have dishes and how exactly to order them.

It’s a rather incongruous sight, considering Bryan is all dressed up as his conniving 17th-century palace eunuch character.

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