Pan Lingling and former Ch 8 actor Huang Shinan’s son, Beckham Wee, can now legally get behind the wheel. The 21-year-old got his 3A driving license last weekend and the actress celebrated her son’s rite of passage by sharing the exciting news on Instagram.

“Hooray! Today, we welcomed a new driver to our family. Too happy!” posted the 50-year-old star, along with several pics of her posing with probation plates (new drivers are required to have the signs displayed on the front and back of the car during their first year of driving) while Beckham sat behind the wheel.

When contacted the actress, she told us that Beckham started lessons last November and passed his practical test on the second try.

“He failed the first time he took the test,” Lingling told us over WhatsApp. “That was before the Circuit Breaker period. He was so upset as he couldn’t immediately retake the test.” Moreover, it was tougher for Beckham to book a test slot as he was only available on weekends due to NS. 

“He finally got a slot last Saturday and he passed! Yay!” Lingling enthused, adding that he passed with 16 demerit points at Singapore Safety Driving Centre.