Heiress, socialite, and entrepreneur Kim Lim has been the target of some very unflattering speculations ever since she shared a photo of herself receiving her first COVID-19 vaccine.

As the hands-on owner of three medically licensed aesthetics clinics, she and her staff qualified for the jab as they are considered under the healthcare sector, a group that is given priority in Singapore’s vaccination exercise. Despite being hesitant to do it at first, Kim eventually decided to set a good example for her employees and go for the injections.

When 8days.sg spoke to Kim this morning (Jan 19), she recalled a conversation she had with her doctor friends: “They said to me, ‘Kim, you are the boss. You need to show your staff that it’s okay to take the vaccine. If the boss is scared, then the staff will also be scared.’ Plus, it would be strange if my staff got it and I didn’t. In my company, we believe in ‘all for one, and one for all’. We’re in this together.”

So Kim brushed aside her concerns and booked her vaccination appointment via the link in the text message she got from the Ministry of Health informing her of her eligibility, and travelled to Punggol to get her shot last Thursday (Jan 14).

​​​​​​​Sure enough, some of her staff, who were doubtful at first, were encouraged to follow suit. “I would never force anyone to do it but that is the ideal situation ‘cos they work so closely with patients every day, so I’m also worried for them,” she said.

Kim herself is also very involved in the day-to-day operations of her clinics (she previously told us that she helps out with consultations and even some of the procedures). This constant close contact with clients also pushed her to agree to the vaccine so she can protect her family, especially her three-year-old son Kyden and her elderly grandma.