Call us paranoid, distrustful, scarred for life or whatever, but the fact is we have learned to question the authenticity of news that is shared on April Fools' Day (you can blame jokers like this fella for that).

That is why, when we received a press release announcing the marriage of local singer-songwriter Derrick Hoh, we did a double-take, squinted in suspicion, and spent an extra few minutes scrutinising every word instead of immediately going, “OMG CELEB WEDDING SCOOP!”

As it turns out, it was neither a prank nor a publicity stunt, although the news was timed to coincide with the release of his new single ‘I Found You’, a lovely R&B track that he started writing as his proposal not long after he and his wife started dating. FYI: Derrick refrains from sharing the name of his missus because he wants to to protect her privacy.

“That’s how sure I was [that she’s The One],” the 34-year-old Project SuperStar alum chuckled during his phone interview with yesterday afternoon (Apr 2). The pair met through mutual friends on the first day of 2017 when Derrick was performing at a countdown show in Taiwan, but sparks didn’t fly until about a year-and-a-half later, when they bumped into each other in Hongkong.

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