She sings. She acts. She bakes. 

Is there anything Joyce Cheng, the daughter of late comedienne Lydia Sum, who passed away from liver cancer in 2008, and Hongkong actor Adam Cheng can’t do? Convince reporters that she has her own identity, apparently. 

“When I’m doing an interview and someone only wants to ask about my parents, it makes me feel really bad,” the 32-year-old tells when she was in town recently for the Star Awards. It comes as no surprise that before our chat, we had received a note from Joyce's minders that we not ask the star any question about her famous parents. 

So when we tell Joyce that we are interested in asking her about how she's become a body positive icon for millennials, she happily squeals: “Yes! I’m all about that!”. 

joyce sa 3
Joyce with Taiwanese star Kaiser Chuang.

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