He may be one of local showbiz’s most revered and beloved stars today, but once upon a time, Li Nanxing, 56, was a confused student who struggled with his lines in acting class.

Yes, we are talking about the same person who isn’t just a three-time Star Awards Best Actor winner, but has managed to achieve pretty much every local actor’s dream of expanding their career overseas with projects in countries like China and Taiwan and is highly regarded as an idol and role model to many.

However, in the first episode of new talk show The Inner Circle, we learned that he needed a lot of extra help during his acting course ‘cos of his poor Chinese skills at that time. “I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying!” he exclaimed.

Before we continue, here’s a brief overview of The Inner Circle: Every Wednesday for 10 weeks (including Nanxing’s episode, which just aired), a different All-Time Favourite Artiste recipient will come on to the show to talk about their showbiz journeys. Each ep will also feature surprise appearances from three individuals who played significant roles in their lives.

In Nanxing’s case, one of his surprise guests was veteran actor Richard Low (we’ll leave it to you to find out who the other two were).

As it turns out, Richard was also in the same acting course as Nanxing. Well, kinda. You see, according to Richard, Nanxing was placed in a separate class for students who needed to improve their language skills, and the former was assigned to be the latter’s ‘mini teacher’.