If there’s one thing heiress and socialite Kim Lim has learned about herself since becoming the #girlboss of her very own aesthetics clinic Illumia Therapeutics earlier this year, it’s that she can be very, very patient, even in situations where anyone else, herself included, would usually lose their temper.

Speaking to 8days.sg over the phone earlier this week, Kim admitted — with a laugh in that instantly recognisable husky voice of hers — that she has “many” horror stories about difficult customers to share.

They aren’t anecdotes from her staff, by the way. The very hands-on Kim has personally dealt with her fair share of ‘Karens’ whenever she heads down to Illumia’s Wheelock Place outlet, which she does four or five times a week (it used to be six days a week before the circuit breaker).

For those scratching their heads over the term ‘Karen’, this name has become a popular way to describe horribly obnoxious and entitled women, such as those who throw tantrums over being told to wear a mask in a store or display other kinds of unreasonable behaviour. In Kim’s case, the ‘Karen’ she encountered was a woman from China who refused to pay for a trial treatment she insisted was free, when it actually wasn’t. After all, the prices are stated clearly on the website.

“She started shouting and swearing and scolding me, and just screaming like a mad woman even though it really wasn’t our fault,” Kim recalled. “I told her to stop screaming in my clinic and asked her to get out, and wah, she took her card and threw it at us. It was very bad.”