Joanne Peh's Sweetest Shoot Ever

She's a lollipop with a dark chocolate centre! (This is an excerpt from a story which first appeared in Issue 918, May 22, 2008.)

In 2008, we shot Joanne Peh, Fiona Xie and Felicia Chin for our Sweets-themed Big Issue, and asked the three sweet young things about their sweet young lives. Here's Joanne's pic and her replies to our saccharine-tinged questions. 

"I’m a lollipop with a dark chocolate centre. On the outside, I’m colourful, but there’s a warm, luxurious and sensual interior. Imagine being immersed in velvety plushness, where you’ll feel protected and sleepy. Being with me is like that. If you can get that far!"

joanne sweet

“Sweet” means… “Taiwanese girls. Not very tall, fair, big eyes, black hair. I don’t think being sweet is a bad thing, though. But sweet is not a word I’d use to describe myself!”

My favourite candy is… “Depends on my mood. At one time, I was into gummies. But I generally like harder sweets, ’cos you can suck on them, and savour them a lot longer.”

Do you have a sweet tooth? “I must always have dessert. Ice-cream! And if there’s apple crumble, I always go for that. Or brownies!”

My sweetest body part is… “My heart! Maybe because I don’t look sweet on the outside, and I feel it’s what’s inside that matters more. I’m very willing to do things for people I care about.”

Sweet nothings — love or loathe? “A guy once SMSed me about how I lit up his life, and how I comforted him when the sun was blazing on his shoulders. It was very poetic! He hardly says mushy stuff, so it meant helluva lot!”

I’m sweet on… “Kwon Sang-Woo! I also like Nicky Lee (the chubby Korean guy from Machi.) What makes you think he’s unattainable? He’s a real person! You never know, fate may bring us together at some event!

The sweetest thing a guy ever said was… “We were talking about our future together, and he said, ‘You know that I’ll die before you, right?’ It told me that he saw us together in the long run!”

She takes her own sweet time to… “Shit!” (Laughs)

What are your sweet dreams made of? “My ideal sweet dream has my dream guy and I doing something mundane, like grocery shopping. It’s a very intimate task, don’t you think? It also represents a long-lasting relationship.”

“Sweet surrender” makes me think of… “Something very kinky! Being stripped and tied to the bedpost! Surrender, what. (Realises what she’s said) Shit!” 

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