Is Rui En a bad driver?

It's rather unfortunate, but Rui En might have perpetuated the stereotype of women being bad drivers. Darn.

This story first appeared in #1331, Apr 18, 2016. 

“Do you know who I am?” That was apparently the first thing Rui En uttered when confronted by an angry man whose (rather new) parked bike she had crashed into with her black BMW at around 4pm. Now, if the man had been a Dream Makers fan and/or if the answer had been a resounding “Oh wow, you’re the police inspector from C.L.I.F!”, the conversation might have taken a completely different turn. Then there would have been no news headlines, no Internet memes, no exposé of the address of the country’s most private actress who hitherto wouldn’t even tell the press which part of the island she lives in.  

According to Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao, a 52-year-old driver named Bahrom Sarmiten was walking to his two-month-old bike at the carpark of Block 331, Clementi Ave 2 around 4.10pm when he heard a loud bang. He then saw that his bike had been hit by a BMW, which he noted was out of control and had been driven onto a kerb. He gave chase after he saw that the BMW had started moving away. “I thought that the car would stop. I didn’t want the driver to run away, so I quickly rushed to stop it. I also knocked on the window and told her not to move,” he was quoted as saying. The bike owner then said that the female driver tried to shield her face before donning a pair of shades. According to him, the first thing she said was: “Do you know who I am?” He didn’t. He only realised that she was Rui En after a bystander told him she was “a local actress”. 

According to the bike owner, Rui En had wanted to settle things privately by offering him $2,000 in cash but he refused. He revealed that he would have said yes “if she had offered $6,000, and had sounded humble and apologetic”. “She emphasised: ‘I’m giving you $2,000 and it’s not enough? It’s cash, you know?” he said. By then his sister, who was also present, had called the police. 

While we hesitate to label the fiercely private star arrogant or irresponsible, we’re quite certain about one unfortunate conclusion we’ve come to: Rui En perpetuates the stereotype of women as bad drivers. Darn.

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