If you’ve watched Jack Neo's 2012 comedy Ah Boys To Men (which landed on Netflix on June 1 BTW), you’d probably remember the scene where Irene Ang, who plays an overprotective mother, berates a MINDEF officer after her pampered son, recruit Ken Chow (Joshua Tan), got hospitalised due to a self-inflicted heat injury.

In the event that you don't remember, here's the scene, courtesy of Irene, who posted it on her IG on June 7. 

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My fave scene in #ABTM ! Let u all in on a secret ! This scene was a completely unscripted . I remembered after shoot ,n i hv chged out to my own cloths n walking to my car . When, d asst producer ran after me and ask me if i can chg bk to my show costume , n stay for another hour . I said ..." but nothing already leh according to my shoot booking today" . She replied , yes yes but *LiangDao wana try something . He is thinking of rolling d camera n u just scold n scold from bottom to top because u want ro know why yr son hv dehydration ok ? Mmmm.. wah.. no script n just scold freely ah... ok lor! Changed, Deep breadth, go ! N so i did .. 2 takes of non stop scolding n its a wrap . It has since become one of my most ridiculously memorable n fun scene ! I must say @jackneock is a genius n initiative director .. #trustthedirector #actorslife #ilovemyjob #FLYentertainmentTurns20

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But did you know the scene was, according to Irene, "completely unscripted"?