"I Felt Like I Was Monitoring Stocks When Looking At The Results Every Day"

Which of 8 DAYS' Favourite-est All-Time Fave Artistes said that?

We braved the chaos backstage at the Star Awards yesterday to present the Top 5 Favourite-est All-Time Favourite Artistes (well, minus Fann Wong who didn't attend the event) with flowers. Here's what they had to say about their win. 

zoe tay

“I’m very happy and surprised at the results ‘cos there are so many All-Time Favourite Artistes on the list now and I want to thank my fans for voting for me. I'm very thankful for their support.”

huang biren

“I’m surprised that Jeanette Aw isn’t in the Top Five. How can that be? She has so many fans! When I was looking at the results daily, I felt that I was monitoring stocks (laughs). One day I’m in second place, and another day, I dropped to the fifth place. I really want to thank my fans for voting. I haven’t been in Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes for so long already, so I guess my fans were quite enthusiastic when it came to this!” 

rui en

“Are you giving me flowers? But I didn’t win right? [Rui En’s manager whispers to her that she came in second in the poll]. Oh! You should have told me! I didn’t know about the poll till my manager told me. But I’m very honoured to be among the legends, and I want to thank my fans who have supported me in big and little ways.”

xiang yun

“I still can’t believe that I’ve won [a Top 5 spot]. (Laughs) I’m not from this ‘era’ [of young artistes] anyway. But I’m very grateful that I still have fans who voted for me. It was a pleasant surprise, ’cos I didn’t know I was [in the running] till Zoe [Tay] told me about it and I saw that I was tagged on Instagram.” 

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