Here Is What You Need To Do To Win Hongkong Actress Bernice Liu's Heart

Hint: It involves animals.

Hongkong actress and former beauty queen Bernice Liu is definitely a dog person. To be precise, she's the proud mama of seven furkids (okay, adorable poodles).

Just how important are the cuddly munchkins in this eligible bachelorette's life? They're important enough to have a say (or woof?) in who she dates or marries.

So if you're a cat person, sorry, you are gonna have it ruff.

8 DAYS: You’re one of the most eligible bachelorettes in showbiz. Any plans to settle down soon?
BERNICE LIU: I get love from my dogs, though I know my fans really want to see me settle down (laughs). I want to find my knight in shining armour too. But he also has to get along with my seven poodles! They will always come first. They will decide for me on the best partner.

And I have a big family, 15 nieces and nephews. So he has to be very close to my family members as well, and he has to not mind a bit of craziness ’cos I’m crazy (laughs). Sometimes rushing into marriage isn’t a good thing for everybody. It’s difficult for me ’cos of the industry I’m in and I travel a lot. It’s a very busy schedule.

I guess we all want to have time for love, but there are many different types of love. I’ve learnt to make more time for my family instead of taking them for granted and having them work around my schedule. Sometimes I’d ask my company, “Can I please take a break?”, so I could go back to Canada to visit my grandpa, since my grandma recently passed away.

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Bernice and her seven pooches. Photo: Facebook/ Bernice Liu

On top of acting, you also own a boutique winery in Bordeaux, and a bar and smokehouse restaurant in Hongkong. Would you ever quit acting to be an entrepreneur full-time?
Wine is my passion but my main job is acting; I have people taking care of the vineyards. But I try to visit Bordeaux about three to four times a year.

It’s not a money-making venture ’cos I auction off my wines for charity, so I get to do charity work. I’ve always enjoyed doing business ’cos that was what I studied in school. But I don’t think I will leave showbiz to run my business full-time. For the time being, I really enjoy what I’m doing, especially since I have so many [TV and movie] projects.

Just in the past two years I’ve shot in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Hongkong and China. In three different languages (laughs). So I’m just [grateful for] the opportunities that have been given to me and embracing the projects that I get. 

Let's not forget that you’re back as the no-nonsense Jennifer in Ch 5's Lion Mums. When was the last time you got fierce?
It was on set with [my screen daughter] Ada [played by Alexandra Tan]. We had a lot of emotional scenes together. I had to slap her, and she had to say she hated me. It was a long day of filming. We started at 5am and filmed till 1.30am the following day.

Being fierce helped the scene, though, and we’d always share hugs and kisses after filming. I treat her like my own daughter ’cos I’ve known her for three years, since the first season of Lion Mums.

8wu2108   lion mums
Bernice with Alexandra Tan and a mustachioed Mark Lee in Lion Mums.

Did playing a mum bring out your maternal instincts?
I have a lot of experience with my nieces and nephews, who are all around Alexandra’s age. I’ve been brought up in a big family with lots of kids. That honed my instinct with children.

There were incidents during filming where Alexandra couldn’t [articulate her emotions], so I took her aside and got her to tell me how she felt. That was something really special between the both of us.

m d
Bernice with Terrance Lau in Margaret & David: Ex. Photo: Viu

What can we look forward to from you next?
[My drama for ViuTV,] Margaret & David: Ex was recently released in Hongkong, Malaysia and China on the same day. I’m almost done filming a travelogue about Hongkong’s hidden treasures, and there’s [my Canadian action-comedy] Stegman is Dead premiering in Hongkong soon. I’m really excited ’cos I have a lot of things coming out this year and they are all very different projects! 

Lion Mums airs Mon-Thur, Ch 5, 9.30pm. It’s also on Margaret & David: Ex is on

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