Here Are the Things that Make Rebecca Lim Happy... and Sad

She ranks these situations from happy to sad.


Is Rebecca Lim one of the happiest stars in Singapore or what? We give the actress a list of situations which she ranks from happy to sad. 

1.      Going on a holiday where no one recognises you.
“As long as it’s a holiday, I’m happy. It’s okay if people stop me for a photo. It’s a very small issue but a lot of people are bothered about it. But it’s good that people like what you do.”

2.      Getting nominated for Star Awards

3.      Coming back to Singapore from that holiday.
“I can’t stay overseas for too long. I’ll miss home, the food and the convenience.”

4.      Finding the perfect dress to wear for Star Awards.
“And not getting a nip slip. I’ve gone for fittings but haven’t found the dress yet.”

5.      Getting a bonus fishball ’cos the hawker is a fan.

6.      You drop $10 and someone finds it and returns it to you.

7.      Going to a wedding dinner and being the only single person at the table.
“This happens all the time now at my friends’ weddings, so I’m used to it.”

8.      Your flight’s delayed by 12 hours.
“My flight home from Bangkok was delayed by five hours. I took the time to go eat and get a massage.”

9.      Being in a relationship.
“Sometimes this makes you happy, sometimes sad. If it’s the wrong person, how? Jialat.”

10.  You’re on your way to a dinner with friends and a bird shits on you.
“That’s not too bad. Can go buy 4D.”

11.  Phone battery is dying (only 7% left!) and you have to be out and about.

12.  Car broke down, there are no taxis and you have to take the train at peak hour.

13.  Getting caught for speeding.
“I rarely speed so if I do get caught, then I must be really unlucky.”

14.  Putting on weight.

15.  Getting a traffic summons — and you were only gone for five minutes.

16.  Going home empty-handed at Star Awards.

17.  Your dog falls sick.
“He’s already 10 and has a lot of health problems but I don’t know what’s wrong.”

18.  Waiter spills red wine on your favourite designer bag. “This better not happen. All these years I’ve been working, I’ve only bought one designer bag for myself, the YSL Muse. It’s not super expensive like a Birkin, but it’s precious to me ’cos it’s the most expensive thing I’ve bought for myself! Once in a while, I’d take it out and wipe it.”

19.  Boyfriend proposes to you.
“It’s ranked so low because I’m not ready to get married to anyone now lah.”

20.  Nip slip at Star Awards.
“For the greater good, it better not happen.”

This story first appeared in #1174, Apr 18, 2013



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